Our History

We focus on practical strategies to solve difficult problems and take your company to greater heights!


30th January 2018

The Genesis of Raiver

Raiver made plans to enter the technology market to provide services both in the technological and financial industries.

The brilliant minds at Raiver came up with the idea of introducing something new into the financial sector and ICT services.


1st June 2018

Our financial plans and strategies

The company’s financial goals and strategy were drafted to achieve stability in investment markets with a trackable, provable performance. We plan to scale up key economic issues with better decision-making and accelerated results.

6th November 2018

Raiver open for business

With the paperwork for establishing the company done and the best-skilled ICT and finance personnel mobilized, the company was finally opened for business.

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18th July 2019

Raiver received its first set of clients

After its launch the previous year, the company welcomed its first set of clients who were satisfied with the quality of services we offer after our first encounter.

12th October 2019

The launch of our services

The company launched its services to the public and offers a wide range of services that includes mobile and web development, payment gateway, social media automation, web design, graphic design, and financial consultation services

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Continuing upward trajectory

We work to understand your issues and are driven to ask better questions
in the pursuit of making your business work better.

Your goals are individual. We believe financial advice should be too.